Testimonial backup | Jamye Shaw Cosmetics
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Testimonial backup

Jamye is a world-class professional makeup artist.

Kendria Perry Madden

Former Miss Pennsylvania, talent winner, & three-time Miss North Carolina semi-finalist

Beauty trends come and go, but I always come back to Jamye Shaw Cosmetics. Her artistry made me feel beautiful on the Miss America stage, and her products have transitioned seamlessly to everyday wear.

Jamye is a world-class professional makeup artist. Thankfully, she’s created products with the rest of us in mind! With richly pigmented and high-quality formulas that are easy to apply, you don’t have to be an expert to look flawless.

Beauty trends come and go, but I always come back to Jamye Shaw Cosmetics. Her lightweight formulas can stand alone or layer beautifully. Jamye doesn’t compromise on quality; she sweats the details so you don’t have to.

From the Miss America stage to the busyness (and business) of every day life, these are my “go-to” products and are still part of my daily makeup routine.
I’m looking forward to trying some of the new and exciting products and colors that are making her line better than ever!

Jamye knows beauty and pageantry


Hailey Best

Miss North Carolina 2011 & preliminary talent winner, Miss America semifinalist, and professional singer/actress.

Jamye’s makeup and application lessons gave me the polished look that I needed to win Miss North Carolina 2011. Her foundation gave my face a smooth finish with plenty of coverage, while her eye products gave my eyes an incredible pop, not to mention the amazing lip products.

I can’t say enough positive things about the quality of this makeup or the ease of its application. Through long days and nights, it had wonderful staying power and looked incredible under the stage lights! I absolutely love Jamye’s makeup, and I am so thankful for her guidance! One thing is for sure, Jamye knows beauty and pageantry. Her products and expertise have proven that time and time again.

This former Miss North Carolina is a proud owner of Jamye Shaw Cosmetics!

Jamye is a creative genius!

Marshawn Evans Daniels

Former Miss America finalist & preliminary talent winner, Donald Trump Apprentice, Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Business Mentor, Reinvention Strategist, and TV personality

Jamye is a creative genius when it comes to all things beauty. I’ve always admired her eye for style, color, and her gift for bringing out the best in every woman. Her new cosmetic line celebrates diversity by having something for everyone. Brilliant! Bold! And, on time!

Jamye is incredibly talented and such a pleasure to work with.

Kirsten (Kiki) Elrod

Former Miss North Carolina, preliminary swimsuit winner, & second runner-up to Miss America

Jamye is incredibly talented and such a pleasure to work with. When I had my official portrait done as Miss North Carolina, she was there to do my hair and makeup, and I was lucky enough to get to use her line of makeup at appearances throughout my year. Now that she has new and updated products, it was awesome getting to wear them when I was the backstage correspondent for the ABC-11 television broadcast of the 2018 Miss North Carolina Pageant. Thank you to Jamye for doing my makeup and for being a friend to me and to the Miss North Carolina Organization!

Her products were flawless!

Kelli Bradshaw Johnson

Former Miss North Carolina & preliminary talent winner, Miss America first runner-up & preliminary swimsuit winner, now wife and Physician’s Assistant.

I just cannot find enough words to adequately describe how I have loved Jamye Shaw cosmetics! From the Miss America stage, to dancing in Swan Lake, and to daily appearances when I was Miss North Carolina; her products were flawless. The makeup is easy to apply, it gives a radiant and natural glow, and it maintains its beautiful finish from day into night. Jamye can make you sparkle like a diamond while feeling as unique as a Juliet Rose.

Jamye is the absolute BEST to work with!

Jessica Baeder

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2018 & preliminary talent winner.

Jamye is the absolute BEST to work with! She is creative and fun, and the fit of her designs are the best I have ever had! She pays attention to every little detail and customizes to YOU perfectly. Your look will be absolutely unique – and you will feel 1000% confident and ready to SHINE on that stage!