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The Backstory of Jamye Shaw Cosmetics

It didn’t just happen overnight.  It began with Jamye loving makeup as a teenager and later helping friends in college with their makeup.  Before long, she was helping friends in pageants, and it just sort of snowballed from there.  After she got married, she began helping a local photographer as he worked to perfect his lighting techniques.  It soon became a trial and error training of sorts for her as well.  That experience helped her discover what different makeup techniques were the most effective.

As she began doing makeup for photo sessions, people would often want to know where they could buy the various products that she had used.  It didn’t take long for one of those “AH -HAH!” moments to occur.

After much research and development, Jamye formed her own cosmetic line and began selling it also.  Initially, it was mostly the pageant girls who came to get head shots done with the photographer.  Then friends around town were added to the mix.  Before long, she was doing makeup for pageants, weddings, and various other special occasions.  With each event would come more sales, and ladies were getting hooked on the makeup!

In the meantime, her design business was taking off.  She began making wardrobes for pageants and dressing girls from all over North Carolina and from other states as well.  Naturally, the cosmetic line was a perfect fit.

The only problem was that she didn’t have the time or the manpower to promote the cosmetics, so they eventually took a back seat.  Fortunately, she was able to do enough business with the makeup to maintain her relationship with the labs that she had been working with for so long.  Her expertise in makeup strengthened as she was later commissioned to do makeup for various girls in pageants, even for contestants competing in the Miss America pageant!

Fast forward to now…some 30 plus years later.  Makeup was quickly becoming all the rage, and it was time for another “AH-HAH!” moment! Clearly, once again, she was realizing that her name was being called upon.  However, with so many other makeup companies and makeup artists out there, she would need to either “go big or go home!”

So, here we are! We are bigger, and we are better! Jamye Shaw Cosmetics has been reborn! She is using the same labs she used before, but she has updated her classics and her best sellers.  She has also added customized colors, as well as more of the top trends in makeup you see on the cosmetic shelves today.

Now you know… She didn’t just decide on a whim to have her own makeup line.  What began years ago has evolved into what she has today.  With the help of social media, the support of family and friends, and a team of qualified artists and assistants; she is equipped and ready to share all the wonderful products with you!

Do not wait another minute.  Give her line a try.  Join the growing list of satisfied customers who have fallen in love with Jamye Shaw Cosmetics and who say, “Once you wear her makeup, you will never want to wear any other brand!”

Did You Know?

Along with a love of makeup, Jamye also had a love of fashion design from an early age.  In 2001, Jamye Shaw specialty swimwear was born!  Jamye’s stunning designs have been seen on many stages, both nationally and internationally.  The last Miss America pageant in 2018 to include swimsuit competition was won by a young lady wearing a custom swimsuit she chose from Jamye.  Pageant Planet also named Jamye the #1 Pageant Swimwear Designer.  Learn more about Jamye Shaw swimwear at www.jamyeshaw.com

Jamye Shaw Cosmetics thanks all of her family, her clients, and her many special friends who have helped make the rebirth of her makeup line possible.  A very special thank you goes to Renee Sprink Photography and 219 Group for bringing this amazing website to life!